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The Punished Backlog is Back, Along With a New Team!

Bigger, Badder, Better

By now, those who have followed The Punished Backlog from it’s inception have probably noticed that I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. The last article I posted was back in March, and even then, getting that piece out and into the wild had been a tremendous challenge on my part.

I’d love to blame most of my time away from my site from the typical detractors. That school, work, and life all took their toll on the time I had initially dedicated towards writing quality content for you, the viewer. However, saying this would only be telling half of the story, which I simply refuse to do.

In truth, a lot of my time away from the keyboard has been due to apprehension. Apprehension that The Punished Backlog would never be able to deliver on its initial promise of timely and regular releases, and that it was bound to fall by the wayside in an already crowded industry of gaming outlets. For months, I remained idle, thinking the project that had sparked inside my head during a flight home from PAX East 2017 had ended just as soon as it had begun.

I thought that for a while, until an amazing thought smacked me square across the face: I won’t be able to continue doing this thing on my own.

Today, I’d like to introduce the new and improved staff (plural) of The Punished Backlog:

Keisuke Isobe

The Punished Backlog is Back, Along With a New Team!

Huge video game, comic book, and anime fan. Spends way too much time watching things he doesn’t like. Hates Zack Snyder. Mains Falco.

Jack Linnehan

Jack is unsure why he’s a contributor to The Punished Backlog, as compared to the rest of the team his qualifications in the gaming department are considerably lacking. But fun passion projects are right up his alley (he has his own podcast too!), and he is excited to bring a unique, albeit sarcastic voice to the site. You can follow him on twitter @JackLinnehan where he mostly tweets about sports, Survivor, and generally lots of jokes.

Peter “PJ” Manning

The Punished Backlog is Back, Along With a New Team!

PJ has been gaming for the better part of 15 years. His first console was the iconic, purple Gamecube with a copy of The Wind Waker he often revisits. His love of Nintendo persists to this day. In addition to unapologetically defending his Wii U, his current arsenal consists of a PS4, Vita, and 3DS. While studying English at Boston College, his roommate introduced him to the wonderful world of speedrunning, a community PJ now actively follows.

PJ is an avid Zelda player and complete trash at any competitive shooter. He is okay at Smash 4 and looking to Platinum Persona 5. Sunshine>Galaxy>SM64.

Twitter: @HashtagPManning

David Silbert

David is the Creator and Founder of The Punished Backlog and currently serves as its Reviews Editor. A recent college graduate, he enjoys gaming and writing. Now, he’s combining his passions and doing both at the same time!

David is pursuing a career in video game publishing, and hopes to lend his skills to an industry that has already given him so much. Keep up with him and his antics on Twitter at @David_Silbert.

Augustine Villanueva

The Punished Backlog is Back, Along With a New Team!

Augustine is our resident Blizzard and PC gaming expert. When he’s not playing World of Warcraft, Overwatch or League of Legends, he’s probably playing some random steam game that looks interesting or is replaying Final Fantasy 8, the best one, for the 100th time.

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Together, we pledge to bring the gaming industry and culture closer to you than ever before. Stick with us for the long haul, and we promise that we’ll stick with you!

-The Punished Backlog

David Silbert

Author: David Silbert

David is the creator and editor of The Punished Backlog. A recent Penn graduate, David enjoys gaming and writing. Now, he’s combining his passions and doing both at the same time, all from the comfort of his French apartment!

Follow him on Twitter at @David_Silbert to keep up to date with all things The Punished Backlog.

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