Whoops, Just Kidding - Hunter x Hunter is Back on Hiatus

Whoops, Just Kidding – Hunter x Hunter is Back on Hiatus

Hiatus x Hiatus Forever

A little over a week ago, I reported that Hunter x Hunter was incredibly still being released.

Starting this week, Hunter x Hunter is back on hiatus. Funny how that works, huh?

Per Kotaku, Yoshihiro Togashi has once again decided to take a break from writing his hit manga series to focus on playing Dragon Quest XI… er, I mean focus on his health.

According to the Hunter x Hunter hiatus chart, the series will have made it a whopping 10 chapters in 2017 before renewing its hiatus for the umpteenth time.

Whoops, Just Kidding - Hunter x Hunter is Back on Hiatus

It’s hard not to be disappointed by this news. As I said before, however, these hiatuses no longer surprise me. As someone who hasn’t read the manga closely since the beginning of the Dark Continent arc, I can only hope that Togashi gets back to writing sometime soon, if only so I can binge the whole thing once it’s completely done.

I have no idea if, or when, I’ll get my wish. We may not see Hunter x Hunter again until 2018. And the anime? Heck, we’d be lucky to see that again before 2025.

Still, chins up, Hunter x Hunter fans. The man has been trucking away on this series since 1998. No reason to believe he’d close up shop now.

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