Our Grading Scale

Reviewing games isn’t easy. Articulating one’s thoughts about what’s good and bad about a particular experience is exceedingly challenging in an industry where numbers and scores are so heavily scrutinized.

The following scale is meant to help streamline this process. By being upfront in how we critique games, we hope to help maintain transparency with and establish consistency for our viewership.

We award games a single score on a 100 point scale from 1.0 to 10 (in other words, to the nearest tenth). This allows for a range of flexibility and specificity not found on 5 star or 10 point scales. The criteria for where a particular game lands on this scale is determined as follows:

10: Masterful. Pushes the boundaries of what games are capable of. A must play for any type of gamer.

9.0-9.9: Incredible. A game that transcends its genre to make for a truly compelling experience. A vast majority of gamers should enjoy playing it.

8.0-8.9: Great. A genuinely solid game. Does numerous things very well, but is ultimately held back from being considered phenomenal. Fans of the genre should really enjoy it.

7.0-7.9: Good. A game that, despite its flaws, is a worthwhile experience. While not everyone will find it equally appealing, it has merit and deserves consideration.

6.0-6.9: Average. A middle-of-the-road work that, while not bad, is also not good. The tipping point of our scale between worthwhile ventures and not-so-worthwhile ones.

5.0-5.9: Below Average. A game that is heavily flawed. Fans of the genre might be willing to overlook key problems and enjoy their time spent. Otherwise, you’re probably better off playing something else.

4.0-4.9: Bad. There are plenty of better games out there that are worth your time before this. While the rare gamer may derive pleasure from playing this, the overwhelming majority should stay away.

3.0-3.9: Terrible. Actively bad from start to finish. There’s little to no merit in playing something like this. Nobody outside of crazed fans and family of the developer would ever consider picking this up.

2.0-2.9: Abysmal. A broken mess. A shell of a game that might have had potential sometime way back during development, but lost all of it by the time the product hit store shelves.

1.0-1.9: Horrific. If there was ever any effort put into this abomination, it’s impossible to see. Not even worthy of being called a video game. If you’re playing this, chances are you’re quite aware of how awful it is.

Through this scale, we commit ourselves to covering games both honestly and comprehensively.

If you are a game developer or publisher who would like us to cover one of your games, contact us!


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