3 Weeks After DQXI Release, Togashi is Still Writing HxH Chapters

3 Weeks After DQXI Release, Togashi is Still Writing HxH Chapters

Hiatus x Hiatus No Longer

There are three absolute truths in life: divorce is tough, pizza tastes great, and Yoshihiro Togashi loves Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age released in Japan over three weeks ago. It stands to reason that Togashi, mangaka of the critically-acclaimed Hunter x Hunter, would be busy sitting in bed playing the game from (virtual) cover to cover.

And yet, 25 days have passed since July 29, and Hunter x Hunter hasn’t gone on hiatus. I know—crazy, right?

According to a dedicated fan’s HxH hiatus chart, we’ve received 7 weeks of back-to-back manga chapters in 2017. And that’s only so far. Under normal circumstances, that number should be much closer to 0.

3 Weeks After DQXI Release, Togashi is Still Writing HxH Chapters
A large-scale view of HxH’s publication history, per https://hiatus-hiatus.rhcloud.com/

Clearly, something is wrong with the world—perhaps it was caused by the Eclipse.

While I don’t currently read the manga, as I find its full-pages of exposition a little overbearing, I’m as surprised as everyone else. Togashi has a long history of back problems, and lord knows how tempting it must be to drop the pencil (or sketchbook, or quill, or whatever the heck else he needs to complete HxH) and pick up a PS4 controller.

Listen. I’m not complaining. I love HxH, especially the excellent 2011 anime adaptation of the manga. This may even be a sign of things to come.

…And yet, I’m not getting my hopes up. The man has enough health issues to make people who call in sick to go on ski trips feel guilty. But hey, at least Dragon Quest XI came out.

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