Author: Colin Doyle

Colin is a nerdy guy from Ireland. He has five tattoos based on games and many more planned. His favorite game of all time is Dark Souls, with Bloodborne being a close second. He likes making opinionated videos and writing thought-provoking articles. You can follow him on Twitter @ColinTedDoyle to keep up to date with his work on the site.

Fear is something that can excite and terrify gamers, be it the fear of losing to a boss on your final life, or fear that the creature stalking the halls will find you. Fear is something most modern day horror games claim to be able to invoke in their audience; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today I’d like to propose that a more sinister horror become more prevalent in gaming: cosmic horror, made popular by author Howard Phillips Lovecraft. I’m happy that, as of late, a few developers have taken the plunge into Lovecraftian horror and seen great success as a result.

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