Persona Q, Dancing All Night Sequels Announced

Persona Q, Dancing All Night Sequels Announced

Dance ‘Till You Drop

Atlus has just announced new entries into the Persona Q and Dancing All Night spin-off series.

The new titles were unveiled during a recent Persona concert performance in Japan.

The first, Persona Q2, is presumably a new entry in the Persona Q series, if a lone teaser image on Atlus’ official site is any indication. However, as of now it’s not clear if Q2 will be a direct sequel to Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, or if it will be a brand new story. It is also uncertain, at this time, whether or not Q2 will include the Persona 3 and cast, like the original did, or if it will instead focus solely on characters from Persona 5.

Here’s hoping the former, as the prospect of seeing P3‘s S.E.E.S. and P4‘s investigation team pair up with P5‘s phantom thieves is exciting, to say the least. As of now, Persona Q2 has no release date, and has not been confirmed for release outside of Japan. Like its predecessor, the Q2 will release exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

Persona Q2
Persona Q2 seems to focus on Persona 5‘s phantom thieves. It remains to be seen whether or not Persona 3 and 4‘s casts will make an appearance.

The second title is, surprisingly, two separate titles. Much like how the Pokémon and Mega Man: Battle Network series have often released two versions of a given entry side-by-side, the successor to the excellent Persona 4: Dancing All Night will release in the form of Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night. Like Persona Q2, not much is known about either title, except for a pair of tantalizing teaser trailers showcasing Junpei, Futaba, and Yukari’s dance moves.

While we did get a firm release window for the pair of dance rhythm games, we’re in for a bit of a wait. P3: DMN and P5: DSN releases in Spring 2018 in Japan, while a western release has not yet been confirmed. Thankfully, Atlus seems to be pulling out all the stops for both titles, as both games are coming to PS4 and Vita. Yes, you heard me; the Vita.


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